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UON Bars Bar on the Hill Godfrey Tanner Bar

House Policy

The Godfrey Tanner Bar is committed to providing an environment that is safe and enjoyable for customers and staff. We aim to serve our customers in a responsible, friendly and professional manner, and to meet the conditions of our liquor licence. 

Where we refer to 'the premises' we mean the Godfrey Tanner Bar, the veranda area and the Derkenne Courtyard.  

Responsible Service of Alcohol

  • We will ensure that liquor is served responsibly and that we comply with all legislation affective service to our customers;
  • In certain circumstances, we may limit the number of drinks a customer may purchase in a single transaction;
  • We reserve the right to cease the sale of any product at any time; 
  • We will not sell alcohol to be consumed off premises, and we will not allow alcohol to be taken off premises;
  • No alcoholic beverages will be served unopened;
  • We will ensure that free water is available at all times; 
  • We will ensure that food is available for purchase whenever liquor is available for sale; and
  • We will provide low level alcohol beverage options. 

Minors and Proof of Age

  • Minors are permitted in the premises under the supervision of a responsible guardian. Minors are not permitted to be in the tiled area around the Bar;
  • No minor will be served, or permitted to consume, alcohol under any circumstances; 
  • During special events or gigs, we reserve the right to refuse entry to all minors; 
  • Anyone entering the premises must be able to provide proof of age identification upon request. We accept  a current driver's licence, passport or a proof of age card with a photo and date of birth;
  • We do not accept student ID cards as proof of age;

Dress Code

  • We reserve the right to refuse entry or service to anyone who, in our opinion, is not suitably or safely attired; 
  • Please note that these dress standards may change according to the events being held at the premises; 
  • Customers are required to wear suitable footwear at all times. 

Behaviour and Respect

Godfrey Tanner Bar is committed to ensuring our venue is a responsible and positive influence on the student community and the amenity of the University. Our policies and procedures reflect this.

  • Anyone who is, in our view, intoxicated or affected by drugs, will be refused service and directed to leave the premises immediately; 
  • Anyone observed in the possession of alcohol or behaving in a disorderly or disrespectful manner prior to entering will be refused entry; 
  • Godfrey Tanner Bar takes a zero tolerance to anti-social behaviour. Anyone behaving in a violent or aggressive manner will be refused service and asked to leave the premises immediately; 
  • Where a patron has been refused service and asked to leave the premises, they are not permitted to re-enter for another 24 hours; 
  • Any person who vandalises or causes damage to the premises to the surrounding areas will be reported to the police; 
  • We do not permit the distribution of political material or campaigning in the premises. Distribution of printed materials or other marketing activities are only permitted with the written approval of the Venue Management, and this includes student groups and societies soliciting memberships; 
  • We respect that this is an institution of higher learning, and we will endeavour to minimise our impact on the student learning environment. We also respect our on-campus and off-campus neighbours, and expect our customers to recognise this by leaving the area clean and with minimal noise; 
  • In some circumstances, performers may require that photography not be permitted. In such instances, we expect customers to respect this direction. 
  • We are a safe space, and we take any complaint about indecent or inappropriate behaviour very seriously. If a customer is feeling unsafe, we encourage them to approach the staff. 
  • Staff and Security 
  • For certain events, we will utilise licensed security. They will be responsible for checking proof of age and monitoring customer behaviour. Our security will always act respectfully towards customers, and abide by our company's Security Staff Code of Conduct;
  • All staff involved in the sale or service of alcohol will have completed an accredited RSA course; 
  • We use CCTV to ensure customer and staff safety; 
  • The following items are not permitted: alcohol, illicit substances, glass bottles or breakable containers, weapons, skateboards, portable speakers, bicycles, scooters, or any other item or thing considered by staff to be offensive, capable of compromising safety or able to cause public nuisance. 
  • We reserve the right to search customers' bags; and
  • Customers who bring bags or other valuable items onto the premises do so at their own risk. We cannot hold or store an item on a customer's behalf and will not accept liability for loss, damage or theft whilst on the premises. 

January 2018